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    High-Performance, Low-Cost Video Graphics and Information Alert System for Public-space Television, Video Displays, CATV and CCTV Surveillance Systems

Emergency and Security Alert Video Messages
ChyAlert, based on the ChyTV Video Graphics Information Display system, is a unique product that adds Alert messages to any video source. It is a specialized video appliance designed specifically for automated and/or manual display of emergency and security alert graphic, text and audio in a video distribution display or CATV systems. As a self-contained device, ChyAlert integrates a video source along with a locally generated message. These messages can be standardized or customized for specific applications or situations. Dynamic text elements can be derived from secure data or updated in real-time, either locally or remotely. Secure Software applications allow preset messages to be displayed or control by authorities to update and alter content.

Secure and Reliable
ChyAlert is a solid-state appliance that can be stand-alone or networked. Based on a proprietary hardware platform, ChyTV is impervious to computer based viruses, worms or operating system failure. All content is stored on non-volatile compact flash that can be securely updated and changed by authorized operators. Interfaces from Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems or manual overrides from authorized Security, Police, etc. assure up-to-date and real time information.

ChyAlert Tools
Based on the ChyTV Tools user interface, ChyAlert Tools adds a secure password protected access level. In addition, there is a simplified interface with alert page to be selected from a local or remote pc and an interface with listing of all networked ChyAlert Units with description to control one ChyAlert or groups of ChyAlert units. A pop-up window allows authorities to change text for selected messages.

CATV / Public Space TV Message System
Multi-channel ChyAlert systems are ideal for emergency and security alerts, information and video messaging in Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Buildings, Transportation Centers and Government facilities.

ChyAlert Features

Create graphic and text pages using standard applications or supplied templates

Squeeze and position live video window, including dynamic transitions

Multiple graphic zones may be independently sized and positioned

Full-motion video regions and animations

Play audio WAV files overlayed with incoming audio

Schedule pages in Playlist, including looping durations or specific day and time control

Interfaces for real-time data updates such as stock and temperature (USB, Ethernet, RS-232)

Interfaces for real-time control (USB, Ethernet, RS-232, GPI)

Compact, stand-alone system for optimum reliability

SanDisk® compact flash media slot

External video bypass switch

Plasma burn-in reduction algorithms

Dynamic broadcast quality effects such as text pushes and Crawls with soft masks

Scalable from individual use to large-scale enterprise networks

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Typical Applications
Public Safety Announcements
Weather Advisories - Hurricane, Tornado, Thunder Storm, Blizzard
Emergency Instructions - Fire, Medical, Accidents, Earthquakes, Tsunami
Disaster Relief - FEMA, Red Cross Information
Security Alert - Homeland Security, Police and Military Information
Amber Alerts - Missing Persons
Video Messaging Systems CCTV / Surveillance add identification data from access control to video camera display.

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