ChyTV.net web-based signage Service

The ChyTV.net Web Service lets you Create, Manage, and Distribute Content using any browser anywhere on the Internet.

ChyTV.net, Digital Signage as a Web Service:

Imagine dynamic digital signage evolved from a hardware/software platform to a web ser-vice. Each display can be controlled alone or as part of a group to present play lists of content with the click of a mouse. Anywhere you can get on the web, you can manage video signage content, distribute content to any ChyTV digital signage system. You can also cre-ate new pages using pre-defined templates, update existing pages “on the fly”, gen-erate reports about the play-out and effective reach of the signage.

ChyTV.net is integrated with Chyron’s AXIS on-line content creation system. With AXIS, you can easily create television quality template based graphics and even target local displays within your national ad campaign.

ChyTV.net is:

Scaleable - ChyTV.net can service all sizes of dynamic digital signage system deployments. You can add new locations and content as needed. Create groups of ChyTV’s, projects and schedules using online tools, or automated processes as needed.

Reliable - ChyTV.net is always on, always available and proven to be rock-solid. Be sure you can always access your content, your network and keep track of your reach to the viewers.

Uncomplicated - Easily used web controls with practical work-flow, makes the ChyTV.net experience both productive and fun. Simple drag and drop control of assets, playlists and data make operation of even the largest Digital Signage Net-work straightforward.

Universal - Since you can control your dynamic digital signage systems from anywhere with web-access, you will always be able to refine your messaging, communicate new ideas and re-port on the reach of your Ad campaigns when you need to.

Resourceful - There is an ever-growing library of new content for your use on ChyTV.net. The ChyTV community is always adding new creative assets, ideas and solutions to help you find just what you are looking for.

ChyTV.net Web Interface (Device Manager shown)

AXIS On-Line Content Creation (Graphics Creator shown)

The ChyTV Group

ChyTV Multi SDI

SD / HD SDI Digital Video Graphics Display

Software Developers Kit

Enables custom software applications

External Interfaces

Control variety of external interfaces

ChyTV Author

WYSIWYG content authoring tool

ChyTV Dynamo

Graphic & Animation conversion utility