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Meeting Your Needs With Emergency Alert Messaging

We can adapt our digital signage and graphic products to fit the needs of many different businesses. Once you have an idea of what you need, we can get to work crafting our audiovisual products to meet your specifications.

Emergency Alert Messaging and Government Video Signage

Through our innovative emergency alert system, you can send important messages and images to televisions in your network. Our alert messages are used by the government and military and have been implemented on military bases and Navy ships.

We have also provided this product to various universities, allowing administrators to quickly send important messages to students and faculty. Our interface is easy to use and requires no technological experience.

Emergency alert messaging is one of the most efficient ways to convey information and can even save lives.

Video Bulletin Board

Imagine the flexibility to display messages to many rooms throughout your company or school. Our video bulletin boards allow you to show the same videos, photos, and informational pages on multiple screens simultaneously. That way, the employee in the lobby gets the same information as the CEO in the meeting room.

Television Station

We make running your own television station practical and affordable, whether you’re at a government office, school, or community center. We give PEG channels and other television networks the ability to show videos, crawls, and similar broadcasts. Our products are compatible with many different video formats, including HD-SDI.

Food Service Menu

Allow all your diners to see their options at your cafeteria or restaurant in a powerful, eye-popping display. Our digital menus cycle through your restaurant’s food options and can even support videos of your culinary delights. Plus, our systems are affordable and easy to operate and update.


Whether you work at a mom-and-pop restaurant or in a government facility, our digital products can help you convey information in a direct, innovative way. Call us at 631-845-2152 to order your signage.

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ChyTV Multi SDI

SD / HD SDI Digital Video Graphics Display

Software Developers Kit

Enables custom software applications

External Interfaces

Control variety of external interfaces

ChyTV Author

WYSIWYG content authoring tool

ChyTV Dynamo

Graphic & Animation conversion utility