ChyTV features an in-house, combined new product demonstration and training with Q and A session

Posted by ChyTv Admin
March 23, 2016


November 2015

We recently orchestrated an in-house product demonstration with a combined training session for some of the local retail businesses in the area. Some of the questions raised were worthy of highlighting and sharing in this newsletter.

Q: The term Digital Signage has over time become a generic name in industry and we feel inundated with many choices when searching a product signage solution. Why ChyTV and what separates ChyTV from other Digital Signage Players and solutions?

A: The ChyTV product line was first introduced back in 2004 with the mandate to provide a low cost solution meant for commercial use inside any type of environment and required disseminating information dynamically. All that was needed was a Tube TV, flat screen TV or monitor. Our core engineering team behind the ChyTV product line is made up of seasoned veterans of 45 plus years with engineering experience, developing broadcast graphics solutions that you are accustomed to viewing on television today during most any news sports or weather channels. ChyTV provides the highest quality video including some very cool and unique features that can be a separator for decision makers when looking for a Digital Signage solution.

Q: Can you provide some examples of these unique features as previously mentioned that makes ChyTV a difference maker when shopping for a Digital Signage solution?

A: Sure, and will demonstrate. The first feature is ChyTV provides the ability to pass through and manipulate a live video signal. For example coming from either a cable set top box, a dish feed, a camera or even a DVD or VCR player and is connected into the ChyTV video input. Now you now have the choice to either pass this live video full screen through the ChyTV unit or reshape to any size and squeeze the live video into a smaller region from page to page that is placed on an easy to use schedule. Positioning your text and graphics either on top or around the live video region having no limitations.

Another design feature of the ChyTV that many may not consider initially when searching for a signage solution is once the signage system is installed on their network, how does it handle the data transfer regarding bandwidth during content uploads? ChyTV devices will render text information natively. It's not burned into the graphic or rendered into a video; it’s all dynamic. All our ChyTV products during content updates will render just the particular changes made on the page because it does not have to rebuild the whole page each time when a change happens no matter if it is a logo, a price change or a lower third ticker scrolling for an advertisement or news crawl etc. ChyTV does not have to rebuild the whole page each time a change is made. Therefore there is no bottlenecking and slowing down the network including no artistic modifications and re-rendering!

Q:What type of support offerings is available with purchasing ChyTV products?

A: A: We like to say when you purchase any of our ChyTV products you can define a bottom line regarding your signage budget. Since we released the first ChyTV product to market back in 2004 we have maintained our product support for all our customers that own a ChyTV. Including customers that originally made purchases for our first standard definition ChyTV. And we still continue to provide product lifetime phone support for both operational and technical assistance if needed. Customers that have purchase our on line operational training are entitled to refresher courses anytime thereafter even if it is years later and will include new staff members just hired.

All support calls include a live phone representative every time. Place a phone call in and receive a phone call back. If we happen to be on another line at that time, leave a voice message. We make every attempt to call back the same day and usually within the hour! All ChyTV products come with a one year factory warranty. For customers looking for extended warranties beyond the first year we offer one and two year product maintenance agreements that cover both the hardware and software.

Q: The new tiny ChyTV model that was demonstrated earlier today seems very intriguing when it comes to space. Can you tell me the asking price for this new ChyTV and does it provide much the same capabilities of the other popular ChyTV models?

A: Yes, this little guy is known as the ChyTV HD-mini it weighs approximately 6 oz. Comes equipped with a 64 Gig Micro SD card for storage with a HDMI video output. The ChyTV HD-mini system cost $687 including all software, one year factory warranty with Product lifetime phone support. The ChyTV HD-Mini is not a media player alone; it is a full graphic solution that can also play full screen videos, full screen text and graphics with a combination of resizing the videos and adding text and graphics on the same page. This happens dynamically from page to page and on schedule. It utilizes the same software as all our other ChyTV models past and present.