Does your signage player have EARS? ChyTV does!

Posted by ChyTv Admin
March 23, 2016


DigIt Signage Technologies is pleased to introduce their latest product offering, ChyTV-EARS — an Emergency Alert Response System featuring an efficient, simple and secure terminal based interface.

ChyTV is well-known within high levels of government and educational sectors as a prominent solutions leader when it comes to instantly distributing and triggering video emergency alert message notifications using proven technology.

With ChyTV-EARS, authorized personnel at secure computer terminals can select from various pre-defined alert templates, enter new relevant text information and trigger the alert on one or many ChyTV graphic devices.

All ChyTV standard definition or High Definition ChyTV models are supported. The ChyTV-EARS interface is scalable and customizable for your environment and scope of distribution. In current times, it is no longer enough to know that something is happening — people need to know what is happening and what to do. With ChyTV-EARS, authorities can get their message quickly to the right place.