What Is Digital Signage And How Can It Help Me?

Posted by Jim Altemose
August 16, 2017


Digital Signage is electronically delivering images, videos and information to a publicly viewable screen.  It is rapidly becoming a part of everyday life.  We’re seeing Digital Signage in corporate lobbies, cafeterias, waiting rooms, hotels, hospitals, universities, retail, restaurants, bars, sports and entertainment environments, military installations, gas stations and more.

Technology is one of the few industries where the products not only get better but cheaper as well.  This makes hanging flat panel screens with dynamic, easily changeable information a cost effective alternative to traditional static printed posters.  This is not to say print is obsolete.  Digital Signage provides an additional viewing medium that can further leverage print artwork and graphic artist skillsets and increase branding.

Communicating information is integral to our society. We convey a message to an audience with the objective to inform, instruct, inspire and thereby have impact on the individual. The audience we address needs to be aware of the message and willing to absorb it.  Like the tree falling in the woods, if the message is not received, was it actually sent?  Digital Signage is a dynamic and effective way to convey your message. Public Space Television (or Captive Audience TV) provides an environment to communicate by presenting dynamic visual images and sounds that attract attention. Once you have the audience’s attention, you can then successfully deliver the message with real impact and stimulate a response.

Digital Signage offers an exciting new tool in the competition for the public's attention.  It represents an effective and dynamic way to communicate a message to a targeted audience. At its best, Digital Signage provides compelling, vibrant, sharp text and graphics, as well as dynamic animated effects and transitions.

What are some businesses that can benefit?

Hospitality and Entertainment

Hotels, welcome centers, casinos, museums, amusement parks and such all host and attract visitors who may be unfamiliar with the area.  Digital Signage offers the opportunity to promote relevant specials, events, schedules, etc. in a compelling, visual experience with videos, dynamic animations and more.  In addition to your own information, an advertising network of partner businesses can be rolled out to many locations for powerful cross-promotion, providing additional advertisement revenue streams.

Bars, Restaurants and Concessions

Digital Signage is now widely used for food and drink service menu boards.  In addition to showing inviting videos of steamy coffee, sizzling steaks and cold drinks poured over ice, Digital Signage enables quick and easy edits of menu item names, descriptions and prices.  Digital Signage can influence Point Of Sale purchases and help upsell additional product.  Larger multiple location chains can be managed and updated across a corporate or cloud network.  Smaller more local venues have the ability to make quick changes right away at their own location using simple PC or tablet interfaces.

Corporate Lobbies and Cafeterias

Corporate entrances can use Digital Signage to promote their business and convey a cutting-edge perception with compelling video.  Or daily “Welcome” messages.  People love to see their name on TV . . . why not greet guests in your corporate lobby with “We would like to welcome Mr. Smith of Newco, Inc.”, which can easily be updated daily by the receptionist through a simple PC or tablet interface.  In company gathering areas such as the cafeteria or recreation area, a screen can cycle through HR information such as event notices, meeting agendas, birthdays, employees of the month, etc.

Waiting Rooms

It is commonplace in waiting rooms to have a television entertain people while they pass the time. They may glance at an array of posters intended to convey your message – hardly a match for the fast-paced, flashy and eye-catching stream from the TV. But, what if you could also get your message on the same TV?  Some Digital Signage devices enable to you to ‘squeeze-back’ live television and add graphics, information and video around it or underneath it or even on top of it.  Waiting customers in a car dealership can be presented with oil change and warranty extension specials while watching TV, or get a notification that their car is ready.  People waiting for your services can learn about others while being entertained.

Storefront and Retail

Point of Sale marketing can heavily influence impulse buying.  Traditionally, quality displays and promotions can boost sales and branding in any department.  Digital Signage can take it to another level since it is quick and easy and essentially free to update.  As new products are introduced, the Digital Signage can rapidly adapt.  It can also provide cross-merchandising opportunities to increase add-on sales through secondary product placement.

When customers can get information about what they need to know – it makes their experience better. Make it easy and stimulating for people to get your message and they will respond.