What is ChyTV

ChyTV is a High-Performance, Low-Cost Video Graphics Generator System for Television Information Displays and Digital Signage. Easy to use digital signage solutions, yet powerful and flexible, ChyTV displays a variety of animated graphic and text information overlaid or surrounding a live video region.

ChyTV Is Video Signage

Video Signage offers an exciting new tool in the competition for the public's attention. It represents an effective and dynamic way to communicate a message to a targeted audience. Video Signage, at its best, provides vibrant, sharp text and graphics, as well as dynamic animated effects and transitions.

Most Digital Signage solutions present constantly changing, computer generated, photo-realistic graphics, text, and animation. But to effectively capture the eyes of customers, you need to give them a reason to look. Video Signage ensures the viewer's attention with video effects, dynamically positioned live video windows, and smooth transitions that complement the text, graphics and animations.

ChyTV is a video graphics display appliance for the purpose of integrating graphic content with any external video source, including DVDs, VCRs, media players or live video. Graphics may be superimposed over the video, the video may be windowed and surrounded with static and dynamic graphic zones, or the display may be made up of graphic content only. ChyTV gives your Video Signage compelling eye-grabbing content where, when and how you want it.

Public Space Television

ChyTV, based on Chyron's renowned broadcast graphics technologies, is a low-cost informational display video system enabling you to display your message anywhere there's a television without disrupting the video source. Easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, ChyTV displays a variety of graphic and text information overlaid or surrounding a live video region. The video region can be resized and repositioned from page to page with smooth, dynamic transitions. Ideal for establishments such as hospitality, retail, corporate, schools, government buildings, churches, and waiting rooms, you can convey your information to a captive audience using a reliable, high-quality, self-contained system.

The Next Generation in Digital Signage

ChyTV enables integration of dynamic graphic and text content with a variety of external video sources. All graphic pages can be individually controlled via a Playlist that permits scheduling based either on looping duration or specific days of the week and time of day. In addition there is an audio pass-through overlay with the ability to integrate audio WAV files for sound effects, sound clips or voice-over capability. Easy To Use ChyTV combines powerful graphic, video, and audio capabilities with an easy to use interface. Page layout and design are readily composed with third-party applications such as Microsoft® PowerPoint. In addition, pre-built templates and our ChyTV Elements add-in for PowerPoint make it even simpler.

Security and Emergency Alerts

ChyTV adds alert and messaging capabilities to your existing television infrastructure in government, military, and public facilities. Inform and instruct viewers of any emergency and procedures to follow.


The ChyTV Group

ChyTV Multi SDI

SD / HD SDI Digital Video Graphics Display

Software Developers Kit

Enables custom software applications

External Interfaces

Control variety of external interfaces

ChyTV Author

WYSIWYG content authoring tool

ChyTV Dynamo

Graphic & Animation conversion utility