Waiting Room Television How to personalize your public-area TV

It is commonplace in waiting rooms to have a television entertain people while they pass the time. They may glance at an array of papers posted intended to convey your message – hardly a match for the fast-paced, flashy and eye-catching stream from the TV. But, what if you could get your message on the same TV?

With Chyron’s ChyTV, you can still provide the benefit of the video entertainment, but not lose the viewer to a string of ideas that do not necessarily promote your business. By placing a ChyTV in-between the video source and the TV, you can insert eye grabbing animated graphics, text information, and sounds to that video stream. Now, people waiting to buy your services, can learn about them while being entertained.

People Love to see their name on TV . . . why not greet guests in your corporate lobby with a “We would like to welcome Mr. Smith of ABC, Inc.”

Keep the message fresh with ChyTV Video Signage. How often have you seen paper signs posted that are out of date, faded, and generally un-professional looking? With standard software packages, and a USB cable, you can update the messages in the ChyTV instantly. Post information that is relevant, crisp, and completely professional.

When customers can get information about what they need to know – it makes their experience better too. Imagine waiting for your car at the dealer while it’s in for service. In the waiting room, you get some coffee and watch the TV. Soon, the video squeezes back a bit to reveal a message telling you that your car is ready to go, and please ask Terry at the desk for your keys. It is easy to imagine other messages about specials and offers that customers might want to see. Make it easy for people to get your message and they will respond.

ChyTV . . . Easy to use, Hard to ignore.

The ChyTV Group

ChyTV Multi SDI

SD / HD SDI Digital Video Graphics Display

Software Developers Kit

Enables custom software applications

External Interfaces

Control variety of external interfaces

ChyTV Author

WYSIWYG content authoring tool

ChyTV Dynamo

Graphic & Animation conversion utility