Local Content for each Display in your Digital Signage Network

Easily displaying a specific message to a specific location is the true strength of ChyTV. Networking and independently addressing each ChyTV video information display unit provides the ability to customize the message for the local viewer. Identifying your audience by location and / or by actions will enable you to more accurately target your message.

The Right Message to the Right Audience

The local university can effectively alert its commuter students that parking applications are now due by displaying this timely message on televisions in the commuter student lounge. Business can effectively promote their latest products or services in the reception area while informing their employees about the new medical benefits in the employee break room. Effectively communicating the right message to the right audience is essential … It’s easy with ChyTV.

Smart P-O-P Selling

Retail store point-of purchase advertising displays are most effective when dynamic cross promotional messages sell a related product, (i.e. advertise hamburger buns by the chop meat section). Taking this even further, as electronic detection of the customers choices are known, the local interactive display’s message can reinforce the decision and further promote related items (if brand “A” diapers are selected then the message can also promote the related brand of baby lotion). Dynamically changing the message, keeping it fresh and relevant to both the customer and the store’s needs is certainly smart selling… It’s easy with ChyTV.

The Personal Waiting Room

Waiting for a table at a restaurant or in line at the department of motor vehicles or at a doctor’s office requires a great deal of patience. Entertaining the now “captive” audience and making their visit more enjoyable is critical to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction. Television can certainly make the waiting time go faster and is far more interesting than six month old tattered magazines. By adding your specialized message locally to the waiting area TV you will better informing the customer and thereby benefit your own services. Ultimately you can even personalize the TV display by advising the customer that their table is ready (Jones party of 4, the hostess will now seat you) or at the DMV (Congratulations Ms. Smith, please pick up your new drivers license at counter #3) or at the doctors office (Thank you for waiting Mr. Johnson, the Doctor will see you now in exam room #1). Let your customer feel they are getting the attention they deserve… It’s easy with ChyTV.

The ChyTV Network

Displaying television programming or video content along with dynamic graphic and text information to all your displays whether it be in a single waiting room, 500 room hotel, corporate offices, university campus, retail store, sports arena, convention center, or airport is indeed effective. But then by enhancing and personalizing your communication with the powerful capability to narrowcast specific information or messages to any one or multiple locations is even more effective. This is simply done by interfacing to the network ports and addressing each ChyTV individually or in groups. The same connectivity can apply to an individual unit in the doctor’s waiting room or via a local network at a business office or via the internet for wide area applications such as restaurants and retail store chains...It’s easy with ChyTV.

ChyTV… Easy to use, Hard to ignore


The ChyTV Group

ChyTV Multi SDI

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Software Developers Kit

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ChyTV Author

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