Be Prepared with ChyTV's Emergency and Security Alert Capability

Both the Department of Homeland Security and the 9/11 Commission are encouraging organizations to use state of the art public safety information technology to further secure the safety of their buildings and campuses. Keeping your staff and visitors well informed and effectively notifying them as situations occur will greatly increase your facilities ability to cope in an emergency. Most facilities have existing cable television distribution, public space TVs and CCTV systems that can very easily be upgraded to incorporate ChyTV capabilities and provide timely alert messages. Whether a fire down the hall, break-in at the rear door, tornado advisory or terror alert; ChyTV can quickly and effectively get the message out.

Predetermined alert pages can be stored in the ChyTV and accessed automatically by an alarm system or manually by an authorized operator. Custom message content can be composed and distributed in real time. Alerts can be targeted to specific display locations or broadcast to all displays.

ChyTV is easy to integrate in your facilities existing infrastructure. There are USB, Ethernet and Wireless solutions to control the display’s message. ChyTV makes it easy to create the message. By using common applications such as PowerPoint you can design the page and then, using standard text files you can update or change the message. ChyTV makes it easy to manage the content. By creating flexible yet easy to implement play list scheduling with the ability to override or customize at a moments notice you have total control.

ChyTV’s ability to effectively inform, advise and instruct could be instrumental in determining your facilities preparedness in times of emergency.

Be Prepared with ChyTV… Easy to use, Hard to ignore

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