ChyTV multi SDI

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Live video with SDI graphic overlay in SD or HD.


Standard and High Definition SDI Graphics System with SDI Video Overlay and Clip Playout

Affordable SDI Graphics System

The ChyTV multi SDI system is designed to be a cost-effective but high-end graphics system for local cable channels, communities, municipalities, PEG and other budget conscious television and video distribution networks.   In addition to SD-SDI in and out, ChyTV multi SDI supports HD-SDI in and out with graphic overlay on top of live video, giving facilities an upgrade path to transition from SD to HD with no added cost.  Additionally, full screen graphics can be displayed with dynamic text, logos and animations.  A versatile play-list scheduler allows for dynamic programming. The supplied ChyTV Tools user interface allows for direct control of a single or multiple ChyTV multi SDI systems. 



Broadcast Quality Text and Graphics

The ChyTV multi SDI features an internal MPEG clip player and has the ability to manipulate the video clip either in a window that is surrounded by graphics and text or to superimpose the message over the video background.  Professional Crawl overlays are broadcast quality, smooth and easily modified.  Multiple Crawls can display simultaneously and can include graphics and logos.

Future-Proof Hardware To Suit Your Needs

The ChyTV multi SDI system can be ordered in a Desktop tower chassis as well as a more industrial 3 RU rack-mount chassis with redundant power supplies.

Flexible and Reliable

Standard format animations can be imported from various file types such as MPEG clips, GIF, AVI, TGA sequences, etc.  All graphic pages can then be scheduled from a simple, intuitive scheduling interface for either automatic looping or date/time playout.  This self-contained device is virtually virus-proof, requires no external computer connection and ensures utmost reliability and ease of use.

Extensible To Many Purposes

Some of the many uses include Local Community Announcements, Local Weather, Lower-Third Titling, Community Advertising, Town Meeting Announcements, Agendas and Minutes, Public Service Announcements and Emergency Alerts.


Additional Features

  • Live full-screen SD-SDI / HD-SDI Input with text and graphic overlay
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Layered page elements include live video, clips, text, graphics and backgrounds
  • Full-screen SD / HD clips as animated backgrounds overlaid with dynamic text and graphics
  • Dynamic real-time 3D Text and Graphics
  • Squeeze and position clip player windows, including dynamic transitions
  • Dynamic broadcast quality effects such as text pushes, fades and crawls
  • Animated Text, Graphics and Logos using GIF, TGA, MPEG and more
  • Multiple text and graphic zones may be independently sized and positioned
  • Page scheduling, including looping durations or specific day, date and time control
  • External data interfaces for real-time data updates such as news, sports, stock and weather
  • Interfaces with a variety of peripheral  devices including RFID, touch screen, contact closure switches, serial control and more