A proven track record of success with 40 plus years of ingenuity behind each ChyTV Model and offers product life time phone support with a live voice if ever needed.

Complete flexibility with the video graphics generator for assigning templates on a given page by having the ability to position and shape and template(s) anywhere and any size you desire from page to page and on schedule. No restriction to the amount of zones or objects on a page!

Our digital signage solutions feature the ability to take in a live video feed (Camera, DVD, Cable/Satellite set-top-box, etc. ) and pass it through displaying either Full Screen or resizing the live feed into a live video window and adding text and graphics around it or on top of it.

Secure Networking with no worries with any of the ChyTV products, these systems are built with secure Linux under the hood. In addition, ChyTV digital signage solutions don’t require a persistent computer connection and will not bottleneck during content transfers as the video graphics generator intelligently updates only the content that has changed.

ChyTV provides resources to customize applications for any environment by offering an API (Application Programming Interface) and SDK (Software Developer Kit).


Features List

  • Emergency Alert and messaging
  • Video Bulletin Board
  • Television Station
  • Food Service Menus

Our Motto

Easy to Use, Hard to Ignore.
ChyTV provides a one stop turnkey solution to disseminate video information anywhere there is a flat screen T.V or monitor. ChyTV Author is a WYSIWYG content creation tool used to create professional looking pages. ChyTV Tools is the management utility...

What is ChyTV

ChyTV is a High-Performance, Low-Cost Video Graphics System for Television Information Displays and Digital Signage. Easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, ChyTV displays a variety of animated graphic and text information overlaid or surrounding a live video region. Read More...

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